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The 17th World Conference on Earthquake EngineeringThe 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Date September 13 - 18, 2020
Location Sendai, JAPAN
Venue Sendai International Center
Theme Toward Resilient Society
Scope The conference will cover a wide variety of subjects on earthquake engineering including the following topics:
  • Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Post Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction
  • Safety of infrastructures
  • Disaster Mitigation through Trans-disciplinary and International Cooperation
  • Nuclear Power Plants and Their Safety against Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  • New Directions of Earthquake Engineering Technology through Huge-scale Numerical Simulations
  • Effects of Long-lasting and Long-period Ground Motions on Structural Performance
  • Smart Cities and Urban Disaster Mitigation
Organizer Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
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International Association for Earthquake Engineering
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